Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 7

I have used blogging and instant messaging, both as a school media specialist and an MSU library patron. There is definitely potential there.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thing 6

Ooooh.... I spent a lot of time in "Big Huge Labs" and "Image Chef". I love my family pictures and these tools could be tons of fun. I have a mental-Christmas-Stocking-Stuffer-list already! Calendar for Grandpa... lapel button for Grandma....Puzzle for little nephew.... poster for ME!
And the trading cards - those could be fun to use with book clubs. Maybe book character trading cards?

Thing 5

I played with Retrievr by drawing various flowers and getting beautiful pictures returned to me. Neat! I think the Soduka thing would be fun, too.

Thing 4

I set up my flickr site a few weeks ago. Today I messed around with Googles photo sharing. I like the idea of having everything in one place - personal e-mail, RSS feeds, and photo sharing.

Thing 3

I've been wanting to take advantage of RSS since I learned about it at MEMO about 3 years ago. This project forced me to get started. I set up a google mail account. (I needed ANOTHER mail account.) So I could work with RSS. I subscribed to You Tube Most Watched, Quotes of the Day, and some gardening sites. It's pretty cool.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thing 2

So... I watched the video, read the blogs. He's right... reflection is the important piece. I'm doing all this stuff, but not sure I have the big picture yet. All I know is I have more accounts, userids, and passwords than I ever wanted. :-)
But thanks to what I've learned so far I have two nieces who have babies who are now on Flickr so I can see the babies' pictures online. I like that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


o.m.g.! I forgot WHICH e-mail address I used and what I used for my password (since my "normal" password was unacceptable). I'm already challenged!!
Seriously, our school webpages have the capability of having discussion groups. I am doing that with book clubs. The kids love it. My preference is to keep kids within our school website. However, the downside of that is I have little control over who looks in on it.
Another thing - or more like a sub-thing- the Yahoo avatar thing was fun until I got a pop-up inviting me to shop Yahoo. And, yes, I DO have popups blocked. I gave up and used a family picture. I like that much better anyway. But it was fun creating a young-babe alterego!